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Santucci’s Square Pizza

The Pizzabeasta and I were enjoying a beautiful fall evening that felt more like summer, and were on our way to my favorite pizza restaurant in the city when an emergency at work called the Pizzabeasta away.  Since I had pizza on my mind more than usual....and no food in my house owing to having gotten home today from a business trip...I decided to order in.  I decided to try someplace new tonight and called up Santucci’s, an iconic pizza place in South Philly that I’ve been meaning to try.

I placed the order and was torn between ordering a small (4 pieces) and a large (10 pieces).  The nice young woman on the phone gently suggested the larger size, so I went with it.  Then after I found out it was going to be an hour and 15 minutes for delivery!  I wanted my pizza now!  Oh well, I forced myself to take care of a couple things and the time would fly, and that’s true.  Pupperoni got her walk;  I unpacked; I got in my PJs and washed my face, and before I knew it, the pizza was here.  Al…

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